General Dentistry for the Whole Family

It can be difficult and overwhelming to try to find a different dentist for each member of your family, especially when they range in age from very young to adult. That’s where a dentist specializing in general dentistry, like Dr. Michelle Munoz, can step in! Dr. Munoz provides dental care that covers all stages of dental development and is suitable for the whole family.

Have You Been Postponing Your Dental Care?

We hope you have had a great summer and have been able to enjoy some quality time with family and friends. If you are like so many, some of the things on your to-do list for summer just didn’t get done. Was getting in to see us one of them? If so, we look forward to seeing you soon! In the meantime, we wanted to share a little information about one procedure that can rescue teeth that have become badly decayed. Read on to learn more!

A Barrier to Tooth Decay — Dental Sealants

We believe in preventive dentistry at Michelle Munoz, DDS, and that begins at home with proper brushing and regular flossing of your teeth. Sometimes, no matter how conscientious you are, some teeth, especially those in the back, are difficult to keep clean. And some people, for a variety of reasons, are just cavity prone. These are situations where we may recommend the use of dental sealants.