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Paint-On Cavity Prevention?

Your daily dental health routine is what every dentist dreams of: You brush after every meal, not just two times a day; you see me every six months, without fail; you use fluoride treatments, as recommended. So why do you still get cavities? Sometimes, no matter how devoted you are to your dental hygiene, cavities…

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Michelle Munoz, DDS Introduces … Julie

There are plenty of reasons why we’ve been voted “Best Dentist” of Uvalde County, but one we’re particularly proud of is our team of outstanding professionals. Every team member shares Dr. Munoz’s belief that patients should feel like family. One of those team members is our beloved Dental Hygienist, Julie. With her naturally happy disposition,…

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Don’t Mess Around With Sleep Apnea

I love everything about dentistry, but one thing I’m particularly passionate about is the link between dental health and overall health. The two are unfailingly connected. Those with gum disease are at a higher risk for heart disease. Those who smile more often enjoy longevity and lower stress levels. Another connection can be found between…

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