woman covering ears with pillow in bed while man snores

Dentistry is about far more than just teeth; in fact, your dental health is intrinsically intertwined with your overall health. So much of what goes on with your teeth, mouth, jaw, and other oral structures can affect your wellbeing. For this reason, Dr. Munoz has opened a center dedicated to helping you combat the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea and get the restful, restorative sleep that your body requires to stay healthy.

Dr. Munoz decided to open Southwest Texas TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center because she believes in the abilities of dentistry to restore overall health, particularly sleep health. Treating patients for sleep apnea also helps them avoid the associated health risks, such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

To learn more about Southwest Texas TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center, be sure to check out our website at TexasTMJandSleep.com. Dr. Munoz is passionate about having Uvalde residents get a good night’s sleep and live their healthiest lives.