dr munoz
One thing I let patients know is to tell me if they’re experiencing discomfort and I will stop.  I let them control their situation to alleviate anxiety. Due to advancements in dental technology, there are lots of options available to keep patients comfortable. Dental treatment doesn’t have to be painful.Dr.Munoz

Michelle Munoz, DDS

Uvalde, TX Dentist

Dr. Michelle Munoz is a Brackettville native whose childhood fascination with teeth seems to have meant she was destined for a career as a dentist.

As a child, the Tooth Fairy was kind enough to give Dr. Munoz money for lost teeth, but also left those teeth behind. Dr. Muñoz remembers storing them in a little pink jewelry box, which is fitting, since she always thought they looked like tiny pearls.

After high school, Dr. Munoz earned a bachelor’s degree from Southwest Texas State University- now named Texas State University. She graduated from Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry in 2001 with her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. A year later, she purchased her private dental practice in Uvalde.

Dr. Munoz loves being a dentist because she gets to meet people and learn about them. She has also seen young patients grow up and have families of their own, who have since become patients, as well.

One thing Dr. Munoz works to help patients overcome is dental fear. In this part of Texas, lots of patients come in with stories of poor dental experiences from going to Mexico for dental work. This creates fear when it comes to future dental treatment. Dr. Muñoz works diligently to put patients at ease and to let them know they’re in control.

Professional organizations of which Dr. Munoz is a member include the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and the International Association of Orthodontists.

Dr. Munoz and her husband, Garrett, have been married since 1997. They have one daughter and three dogs.

When she isn’t improving smiles, Dr. Munoz enjoys cooking, trying new recipes, spending time with her family, and going on day trips.